Why & How I Created FourEleven

So FourEleven was never a concrete idea at first. Let me explain-

I came out of college wanting to start something, something that was going to fuel me creatively, but still allow me to build a business from the ground up. I’ve always wanted to have something of my own with my name on it. During college, my school focused heavily on hard news and broadcast writing while I was growing an interest more into online writing & blogging. I also was super into fashion and beauty which my school also had no programs in. I left undergrad with a BA in journalism and didn’t really know what my next move would be.

After college, real world problems hit me- working, bills, rent, insurance etc. Luckily I had no loans or debt accumulated at the time so I was pretty much living a post graduate’s dream. I was still working in the same doctors office position I had during my senior year. I honestly couldn’t complain, but I was still unfulfilled.

I started a boutique social media marketing agency called 411 Communications. We specialized in social media marketing for small businesses. I started by helping my friends’ small businesses and other business ventures and helped them establish a social media presence. I started getting some business from different small business owners in different states around the country wanting me to help them with their social media pages. It was pretty short lived. I feel like I put 411 Communications together too fast and started taking on too much which hindered my business. I realized what I needed was a solid team.

So I stopped doing 411 Communications. I went back the drawing board to find out what kind of business was truly going to make me happy. I started my Youtube channel during the ‘Quaran-times’ of March 2020. I enjoyed Youtube a lot actually, I was learning really useful editing skills I could add to a resume while still showcasing my love for fashion and beauty. I stopped Youtube (which I plan to come back to soon) because I wanted to invest in better quality video and editing set up. I also moved into my first place at the time and life unfortunately got in the way. I remembered the one thing I was doing in college that kept me motivated, a space where I could control creatively and still upload my own content I was making, which was my blog, The Feast of Fashion.

The Feast of Fashion was a fashion blog I started when I entered college back in 2013. I used to showcase all things fashion and beauty that I was interested at the time on my platform with my little iPhone 5, editing all my pictures on VSCO. I used to take in my grandparents arbored backyard I would get my 9 year old brother to take for me after classes.

That little platform I started on blogger made me so happy. I remember looking at my insights one day, I was at a little over 6,000 views after 2 years of starting the Feast of Fashion. I had people watching my content from all over the world Russia, Turkey & Brazil. I thought to myself- why not just start blogging again? But maybe a Feast of Fashion upgraded 2.0 edition.

One evening I was at home having a self care day. My self care days usually include wash day, which for anyone who has natural hair knows my struggle, a relaxing face steam along with a face sheet mask. As I’m deep conditioning using my own DIY hair oil, I hosted a poll on Instagram asking my followers would they use a hair growth oil if I came up with one. I’ve been making my DIY hair oils for my family and friends for YEARS. I was seeing great results with my own hair, I thought maybe it would help other people with their natural hair journey too. Considering my was it length hair at the time, I had 100% YES turnout and began researching different hair oils, coming up with a recipe while differentiating my design from the rest of the competition. That’s where FourEleven was born.

Why the name FourEleven? Well my birthday is April 11, 1995. (4/11, get it?) Also 411 is a number for information, the scoop, the need to know. And this platform is me sharing everything you need to know! My late mother also inspired me to create FourEleven. She passed away when I was 12 so she never lived to see the concept of my brand. She knew I always had an interest in fashion and beauty from watching endless episodes of Project Runway, sketching out designs in my notebook. Haircare is always something I’ve had an interest in, something my mother and I bonded with as well.

I remember something she would say so often "The way you carry yourself is a reflection of you. The way you look, how neat your clothes are, everything from head to toe. That's why you always present your best self because you never know who's watching."

We would have the best conversations from me just sitting in between her knees while she was tugging on my hair, braiding it down for the week while tying the infamous ‘bobo’s’ on the ends.

Fast forward to 2016 when I first started wearing my natural hair after having a perm since I was 10 years old to now developing a hair routine at 21. My hair was SO damaged, there were some curls I could recover but I didn't know where to start. (Don't come at me with the 2016 throwback LOL) I wanted to know what was the best method for me to stimulate growth for my hair while also using good and clean products in my routine. I used to use DIY hair oil and hair masks to get my hair the curl the way I wanted it to which I believe contributed greatly to the health of my hair.

So yes, that’s the birth and inspiration behind FourEleven. I hope to create more products to help you guys on your hair journey as well as enchancing your self care routines. I also want to use the FourEleven platform to give back in some way. (Stay tuned)

Thank you to anyone who has supported FourEleven fro the jump, listened to my ideas, entered our FourEleven giveaway, reposted a picture, anything! Your support means so much to me! I hope you all enjoy what's to come!

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