My Top 10 Tips + Tricks for Growing Naturally Healthy Hair!

Welcome back to FourEleven! Thank you for visiting our site today! I feel like it was time to do a hair growth post- especially after the success the oil has had. Lemme put you all onto game.

So I feel like its redundant when I say I get asked ALL the time about hair growth, how I grow out my hair, how to get it healthier and stronger while also retaining length. It hasn't always been like this. My hair has been pretty long and thick all my life, but I got back to its natural curl pattern and laid off the excess straightening and perms.

So before I go on to what I've done, let's take a trip down memory lane and show you my transitioning period (embarrassing af). It all started with a Youtube video and a curious mind of how would my hair look if I wore it curly.

This was my first picture with my hair curly. I hadn't had a perm maybe about 2 years after this picture but I was what you call a 'straight natural'- meaning my hair was free of any perms or chemicals but I still straightened & wore my hair straight faithfully.

I mostly kept my hair in a bun during those periods and just kept trimming my own dead ends for a while.

Then I died my hair blonde, I loved my lil blonde hair back then you couldn't tell me nothing. I would soon learn blonde was crazy hard for me to maintain back then and my hair would reap the consequences. (LOL)

I was so sick of my ends looking insane. I made an appointment to dye my hair black dark and cut my ends. That's when I feel in love with 'blue-black' hair and have been back to black ever since.

I was FINALLY starting to see the results of my efforts to grow out my hair. I developed a hair routine that worked for me, found products that worked for my 3C/4A hair type and kept trimming the dead ends. I also started doing a lot more protective styles- my fav were braidouts! I did braids, I did A LOT of buns, just made sure to keep my hair moisturized and putting it away. I believe that a contributed to my hair retaining length while still growing.

Then I got to a point where I was super comfortable with my hair, started seeing the results I wanted and when I did straighten my hair, my hair would revert right back with no hair damage.

So it took me around 2/3 years to get to a place where I was comfortable with my products and routine I was doing. My tips below are some of the things I believe contributed most to my transition.

1. Drink Water

You ever heard the saying "anything you do on the inside is reflected on the outside"? Same goes for your body. I cut out soda and drink juice periodically. Maybe I'll have a coffee here and there but I drink water every single day. I make sure to have at least a bottle of water everyday. Water is just overall good for you so if you wanna see healthy results, you gotta put healthy in your day to day regimen.

2. Use Heat Periodically Let's be honest, we all use heat. There are some people that are strictly natural and don't use heat at all but I am not one of them. I love my straight hair a lot, it gives me a whole new look so I like to switch my hair up sometimes. I'm a whole different person when I'm straight.

What's so amazing about natural hair is that you can constantly change it up- straight, curly, braids etc. I try to go on using heat only in the winter months as early as October to March latest- well my birthday is April so I'll say April, but it just depends how I'm feeling. Heat isn't bad, just excessive heat causes a lot of damage and breakage which you don't want when you're trying to grow out your hair.

3. LOC/LCO Method + Develop a Routine I use both LCO/LOC method in my curly hair routine and I really believe it gives my hair the moisture and definition to last for up to a week. The LOC/LCO method is a method on how you should layer on products for maximum moisture which stands for leave in condition/liquid, oil and cream/styler or vice versa. This method makes my hair feel really moisturized and makes my style last until the next wash day. Both methods work fine, just depends on you but develop a routine that works for your hair.

4. Hair Supplements I only use hair supplements if I wanna really increase my hair growth chances. I like the CURLS Blueberry Bliss Liquid Vitamin, $25 a lot. I've actually noticed a difference in the overall health of my hair on top of its growth. It made my hair shinier and thicker and I recommend it for anyone having a hard time with growing their hair. I've also seen people take the hair/skin/nails supplements and biotin which is also a great supplement for hair growth. Even something simple as in Women's One-A-Day vitamins have biotin in them which can help contribute to growth.

5. Scalp Massages Scalp massages are super important. I feel like people don't know how much scalp massages are so beneficial. On top of feeling good, massages circulate blood for on your scalp which increases hair growth in general. I usually do a scalp massage once a week when I pre-poo with some oils (ehmm ehmmm Rose & Mint Scalp & Hair Nourishing Elixir ) and massage it into my scalp to enhance the blood flow. I also like it because it provides a good barrier when I wash my hair so it doesn't strip my hair and scalp, and mositurized + clean scalp = hair growth.

6. Trim Your Ends This is soooo important! Get regular cuts and trims as needed. There's no point in having lifeless, straggling ends. The split ends are only going to keep splitting and eventually break your hair if you don't cut them so you’re not retaining length. Once you cut the dead ends off, your hair will appear so much healthier. Not going to lie I don’t trim regularly, just when my hair really needs it and I end up seeing such a big difference in my hair. It’s more bouncy and full.

Just like you cut out toxic people from your life & everything starts getting better. Cut them ends!

7. Deep Condition This is my favorite step in my hair care routine. I believe deep conditioning saved my hair when I was first going curly. And I can't believe how some people would forget or not include this step in their wash day routine.

Deep conditioning has so many benefits especially during the colder month. Deep conditioning is essential for supplying hair with much needed oils and moisture. Deep condition also helped me a lot when I had multiple of those annoying single strand knots in my hair at one point in time. I made my hair more manageable to work with. It also helps to repair some damage in the hair strands and makes my style come out way better.

Everyone should be deep conditioning once a week for hair to maintain moisture, elasticity and shine.

8. Gentle Finger Detangling When I detangle my hair in the shower I mostly finger detangle in the shower to get large ants out my head. A comb just breaks off fragile hair so finger detangling is a better option to retain length.

9. Co Washing I love co washing. I only shampoo my hair once a month so my scalp isn't stripped of the natural oils in my hair. Shampoo also removes some of the build up in my hair from the other three weeks. If your needs shampoo more than once or month or you’re using heavy products like gels that need to be stripped then that’s fine.

The other three weeks I cowash with a regular conditioner or a clarifying/cleansing conditioner. Co washing is really good if you want to clean your hair and scalp without stripping it every wash day. There are so many different co washes out there to use theres something for everyone.

10. Being Patient MOST IMPORTANT! Everyone's hair is different so what works best for me may not work for your hair type. It's up tp you to find out what works and doesn't work for your hair but these are some of the things I do that I've noticed increased hair growth.

Also, leave your hair alone and don't measure your progress everyday, it's not fun and you'll be obsessing over growth and never see some. Just moisturize, drink your water and flourish. I hope this gave you some tips & tricks on how to grow your hair and develop your own hair care regimen based on what your hair needs. Let me know below any other tips you would give to someone in need!

With love,


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