FourEleven Wishlist: February 2022

1) Nana-Nana 'A5 Canvas' Bag- The brand is kind of a play on 'Off-White' but way more accessible and affordable. There's definely a bag for everyone to choose from. They have different fabrics, colors, styles and what's also cool is you can change and customize the handle for some bags. They're simple and versatile to wear. I definitely need to grab a bag or two from this brand.

2) Market 'Lover's Hotline' Trucker Hat- We're on the last stretch of the cold weather season. It's almost trucker hat season. I've been eyeing this one from Market for a while lately. I just love trucker hats in the warmer months.

3-4) Bold Statement Sunglasses- RICH AUNTIE VIBES! They're such a bold statement without having to wear something extra extravagant. I've been eyeing these Green and Square Frame ones. If you see me rocking different colored frames everyday this coming spring- you saw it here first.

5) Nike Dunk Low- Black Hyper Cobalt- I'm trying to increase the number of blue pieces in my closet and believe it or not, I don't own a pair of dunks yet- I need to get with the program and invest in these cobalt royal blue pair. I've already starting pairing them with some pieces I own.

6) Snatched Bodysuit- I feel like a good stretchy snatched bodysuit is an essential piece to have in any wardrobe AND I've been seeing this sweetheart neckline bodysuit that I absolutely need to have.

7) ESNTL Jogger Set- I've been following this instagram influencer named Chase for a while now and she started a vintage 1 of 1's/ basic sweatpants set on her website. I've been eyeing the vintage grey/khaki set I feel like would be a great essential to any closet. We also love supporting a black woman owned business this lovely black history month.

What are some things you've been eyeing lately? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Ashleigh

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